Linux server solutions maintenance management, Redhat Suse licences, network solutions. Backup solutions offsite or onsite backup. Monitoring solutions by zabbix and others. Wifi solutions we use ubiquiti or cisco equipment and central management software. We offer cloudservers based on KVM full virt or LXC container based virtualization in Tallinn or in Germany High availability virtualization cluster
We Offer cloudservers based on KVM full virtualization or LXC container mode in our high availability kvm cluster. KVM Full virtualization is mandatory in windows. We are linux specialists and offer linux server maintenance administrating. We have big experience in linux and network area. We are partners and selling licences with: Redhat, Suse, Ubiquiti, Microfocus, Novell, Netiq, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). In our solutions we use equipment from juniper, cisco, ubiquiti, alix (industrial, alix3d3 (industrial, fit pc. High performane monitoring system based on zabbix. Different backup solutions, onsite on client or offsite- in our backup servers.

Cloud Server


Minimum: Intel® Xeon™ E3-1271 @3.6GHz


Guaranteed ECC RAM

SSD storage

Storage is in RAID1 configuration
VAT included
Configuration includes:
10 TB bandwidth per month, 1 Gbit/s uplink port
1 IPv4 address, 1 IPv6 address
Operating system of your choice
Server console access
Location: Germany or Estonia

Possibly bigger server, ask for special price
Price Monthly
KVM - full virtualisation
LXC - Linux container
For Windows, KVM is mandatory.
Pay Monthly
Pay yearly - Save 10%
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