Linux custom solutions, maintenance management, kvm or lxce cloud servers, Redhat Suse licences. Cisco ubiquiti network solutions. Monitoring solutions with zabbix. Wifi solutions we use ubiquiti or cisco equipment and central management software. We offer cloud servers based on KVM full virt or LXC container based virtualization in Estonia or in Germany High availability virtualization cluster. Debian centos redhat linux
VPN to connect your multiple offices into simultaneously one big network. It is made over openvpn, ipsec or other SSL based tunnel. Different backup solutions for your company. we use offsite or onsite backup solutions, to protect you from data failure. Rdiff, veeam, IBM Storage protect (tivoli) etc. Monitoring by zabbix, provides history of failures and sends SMS alerts if something critical is down. In our solutions we use equipment from juniper, cisco, ubiquiti, dell, hp, alix (industrial, alix.6f2 (industrial We offer licences for Redhat, Suse, NetIQ, Microfocus, Novell,Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Linux solutions based gentoo debian redhat centos suse etc.

Linux server maintenance, administration

Server maintenance is done by administrators who have at minimum RHCSA certification. Our administrators have long experience with different mission critical linux solutions.



Backup solutions

We offer different secure backup solutions. Onsite data backup solutions: data is kept on client premises. Offsite data backup solutions: data is transffered over secure channel to our backup servers. Offsite data backup is only 100% working solutions for crypto viruses, hardware failure or for fatal data loss prevention.

IBM Spectrum Protect, Veeam, Rdiff & other native linux solutions.

Cloud server

Virtualized server avoids high hardware costs, availability problems and server hardware problems.


We offer cloud servers:


Additionally you can order professional administrating service for your cloud or hardware based server. This helps to lower your IT costs and rise server security & stability.


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Network solutions

Different type of VPN solutions. IPSec, openvpn or other SSL based vpn. VPN connects your offices into one large network or give your workers/partners controlled secure acceess to recources.
We have VPN servers in Estonia, Germany, England.

Network audit


We like custom solutions. Many our custom solutions are based on ALIX.6F2 or similar router (small readonly custom linux installed in CompactFlash in passive cooling housing).

ISO 27001 auditing, consulting

Testing sysadmins, netadmins, DBA & developers (Pre-employment testing)



SUSE linux koolitatud partner
RedHat ametlik partner
Microfocus, Netiq Novell partner